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Ellison Throttle Body Injector

Accessories for the Ellison Throttle Body Injectors

Plenum Box

Plenum Box

Permits the injector to be mounted at right angles to the manifold intake.  For EFS-3A, EFS-4, EFS-4-5 with standard Lycoming oil sump mounting pattern.  $ 395.00

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Throttle Cable Clamp

Cable Clamp

Permits the attachments of throttle cable housing directly to the Throttle Body Injector.  $ 56.00

Right angle fuel line fittings

Right Angle Fuel Fitting

Eliminates large bends in the fuel line, reducing clearance problems in the engine compartment. 

$21.00 for upgrade with a new order. 

As a replacement component the straight fitting is $ 45.00 and the 90 degree fitting is $ 66.00.


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