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Use with Auto Fuel

The Ellison Throttle Body Injector has been designed specifically for aircraft use and has been thoroughly tested with aviation fuels.  We do not recommend the use of auto fuel with the TBI.  Several of our customers who have used auto fuel have had substantial damage to the rubber and metal parts of the TBI.  When operated only on aviation fuel, we have never observed any deterioration of metal or rubber parts in the unit.

The EPA has required the oil companies to add oxygenates to auto fuel in in many parts of the country to reduce pollution in the winter months. In most areas this additive is alcohol which will damage aircraft fuel systems. In addition to possible chemical incompatibility, the high vapor pressure of auto fuel can be a problem when used in aircraft, as it is much more likely to boil that aviation fuel.  Unlike aviation fuel, the formula of auto fuel is altered as the seasons change, so winter grade fuel is even more likely to form vapor.

Many of our customers have stated that they believe there is no chemical difference between aviation fuel and auto fuel.  A dramatic difference can be demonstrated by pouring a sample of each into Styrofoam coffee cups.  The aviation fuel will remain contained in the cup, but auto fuel will dissolve the cup and flow right through the bottom.  

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