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Satisfaction Guaranty

Customers who are not satisfied with the performance of their Throttle Body Injector, may return it for a refund less a 10% restocking charge under the following conditions.   The unit must be unmodified, undamaged, less than one year old and have been operated for less than 20 hours.  Return will be allowed only if the customer has installed and operated the Throttle Body Injector as recommended by the product manual, has notified EFS that he is experiencing problems and has made a reasonable attempt to correct any Throttle Body Injector installation deficiencies as recommended by EFS.

Our Promise of Customer Support

In the interest of promoting safety as well as customer satisfaction, EFS wants all Throttle Body Injector users to be completely satisfied with the performance of their unit.  Customers experiencing problems which are believed to be related to the Throttle Body Injector should contact the factory.  If there is any doubt regarding an aircraft's airworthiness, the aircraft should not be flown until all problems are corrected.  EFS will work with the customer by phone to help diagnose and correct any problems.  If EFS is unable to solve these problems over the phone, EFS will upon request, send a representative to work with the customer in person.  If it is determined that the performance problems were not caused by a problem with the Throttle Body Injector itself but by some installation or engine problem, or failure to follow the installation manual, the customer will be required to pay all travel expenses.  If EFS determines that the throttle body itself has a problem not caused by wear, fuel contamination or physical damage, then travel expenses will be born by EFS.

Twelve month Warranty against material defects and workmanship

EFS warrants each new and remanufactured Throttle Body Injector or Carburetor sold by it to be free from defects in materials and workmanship appearing within 12 calendar months from the date of first operation.  This warranty does not apply to wearing parts such as seals or anti-friction surfaces.


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