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Last updated 2/9/03

Here are all the service bulletins for Ellison Throttle Body Injectors.

S-B Description Models
85-01 Idle Mixture screw replacement EFS-3, EFS-4, EFS-4-5
85-02 Throttle Pin inspection EFS-2, EFS-3, EFS-4, EFS-4-5
89-01 Failure of the O-ring seals located in each end of the throttle slide surrounding the fuel metering tube EFS-2
89-02 Failure of the adhesive bond which retains the Teflon anti-friction pad in the throttle slide cavity EFS-3, EFS-4, EFS-4-5, EFS-5, EFS-10
91-01 Failure of the mixture control shaft EFS-2
94-01 Excessive wear of throttle ball swivel fitting All models
97-01 Deterioration due to induction fire Airflow Straightening Grid

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